Unconditional Love – Have you lost a loved one?

Have you got a sense of loss? Have you lost a close family member and it still hurts?

Have you questioned what has happened? Have you questioned the wisdom of your thoughts?

Byron Katie starts an interesting journey with a young lady whose father died at a young age.

This video is a wonderful opening into the Works of Byron Katie and how 4 questions can transform your pain and hurt.

You can find out more about ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie by visiting here.

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3 Gifts To Make Valentines Day Everyday

What creates an extraordinary relationship? Give yourself and your partner these three gifts to create legendary love.


This is such a moving video.. I missed the boat on Valentines Day.. But why only give these 3 gifts only on Valentines Day..?

Make everyday Valentines Day in your relationship.

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Fixing a broken relationship.. are you man enough?

Do you find that understanding your women is just impossible?

Do you find day-in and day-out you never seem to please her?

Is she never satisfied?.. no matter what you do?


Tony Robbins is a master in this area, and holds many seminars around the world, and offers support and help to transform your relationship.

If this inspires you.. and you want to explore this further send me a message and I’ll put you in touch with a local relationship magician.

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