“A Good Day” – Are you grateful?


This is such an inspiring video..

  • Being grateful every morning..
  • Being grateful before you go to bed..
  • Being grateful for everything you meet..
  • This day today is a gift..
  • Treat this day as if it were your first day.. as if this were your last day..
  • How different would the world look then?
  • Is that why this gift is called.. the Present..?

This video shares the words of Br. David Steindl-Rast.. if you want to find out more about David you can go here.

Gratefulness is an essential part of growth and contribution to ourselves and those around you.. if you wanted to explore further and see how this can make a positive change in your life go here.

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1mm off… How to Get Absolute Certainty – the Tony Robbins way

When things in life seem to be a complete mess, did you know you’re only 1 millimetre off.. (how minute is that measurement, even to a beautiful lady!)


Did you know you can train yourself to believe whatever you want..

You can convince yourself that you can’t do a multitude of things.. But by the very same token you can believe you can.

“There are 2 men: one who believes he can, and one who believes he can’t.. They are both right”

…and there is only 1mm between both of them.. just 1mm of absolute certainty…

“Whatever the mind can conceive the man can achieve..”

How true it is for both of these men. What is it you choose to believe? Do you have absolute certainty?

There is a beautiful new system that can help you achieve every thing you desire. You can find out about it here.

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Is Your Life Guided By The Power Of Your Decisions


Are your decisions the power that drives you..?

Decide what results you want to choose.. what person you choose to be..

But be committed to live your life by your highest standards and take action to follow and lead towards your destiny.

Don’t be subject to excuses, use this power of decision to drive you the direction of your vision, every minute, every day.

To find out how to implement this power into your life to create positive change.. go here.

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Tony Robbins – If you’re in tough times – how to get motivated


This is an interview with Tony Robbins back in July 2008.. but is as current if not more current now.

What do you do in a slump.. what do you do when there is so much negativity and pessimism..?

Is this a time to be overcome with fear.. or is it a time for developing more uplifting and constructive emotions.

If you’re interested in finding out more go here.

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Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better

Do you know why you do what you do..? Do you know how you can do it better..?


This eye opening video has been a great boost to my understanding. Let me know what you’ve found of use in it.

Is it emotion that really drives you?

Do your decisions shape your destiny?

What decisions are you making now.. that are shaping your daily actions?