Richard Branson and the power of the subconscious mind

The power of the subconscious mind and Richard Branson

The power of the subconscious mind and Richard Branson [Image credit: wikipedia]

Positive and success mindset training has a track record of transforming lives but would you like to tap into the power of the subconscious mind so that it unlocks the same functionality as Richard Branson?

So why would anyone want to unlock the same powers as Richard Branson? Well lets look as some of his achievements:

  • He started Virgin Records because no one else would put out Mike Oldfield’s Tubular bells album
  • He expanded his number of Virgin Record Stores from 1 to 20 because he couldn’t pay a large tax bill.
  • He discovered and recorded the music of the Sex Pistols and many others.
  • Created Virgin Airlines on the spot because his flight home with his girlfriend was cancelled.
  • He chartered a 50 seat jet, got $35 from each of the displaced passengers and took them to their vacation in the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands!
  • He is about to launch Virgin Galactic – the first commercial craft to take passengers into space.
  • He hobnobs with rock stars and presidents and lends his name, money and time to charitable causes.
  • He supports causes such as animal rights, fighting AIDS, education, peace and human rights.
  • He is the epitomy of a creative business man that turns problems into opportunities.

So where do we start? It might be helpful if first we qualify what we mean by the subconscious mind.

The power of the subconscious mind

According to Ken Wu:

The prefix ‘sub’ simply means beneath or hidden below and when it is combined with the word conscious, it literally means beneath consciousness. It is a state where you do not have immediate access to under a normal circumstances. The subconscious mind was actually a ‘term’ in the studies of psychology which first theorized by the famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud. He strongly believed that there was a part of mind below our conscious threshold.

The subconscious mind controls every aspect of our lives; belief system, personality and behavior. Through extensive of studies, Freud found out that most of our natural thought processes were deeply rooted there.

Presentation Mindmap: Networked Consciousness

Networked Consciousness and the subconscious mind (Photo credit: inju)

So this is the place where how you act and think is already ‘predetermined’. Sometimes it is called the secondary mind.

So to further qualify that place in your mind where you observe, hear and see thoughts – this is your conscious mind. The sub-conscious is below that.

It’s almost like a canvas that is being painted upon, it absorbs everything that we encounter. It stores them in its own store house system – a memory centre that never forgets anything ever!

How surprising is that, when in our conscious mind we ‘appear’ to forget many things, especially your keys.

So how does the subconscious communicate…

The subconscious takes in information from the world and communicates it to the conscious mind (which mean the YOU right now) through intuitions, impressions or gut feeling – that kind or weird feeling you have inside your stomach or any part of your body.

For example, have you been in that space where you knew that the person you just met will somehow become your friend or even business partner?

Your subconscious mind is actually absorbing the subtle things about them; voice inflection, body movements, deep feelings and metaphorical communication that the conscious might fail to pick up. Some people call that ‘Attraction’ and I totally agree with that because the mind is always attracted to the ‘same-minded mind’.

This attraction is an attraction of something that vibrates at the same or a similar frequency, and as the [highlight color=”yellow”]mind vibrates with the energy of images [/highlight]and thoughts these generate a certain frequency, a certain energetic vibration. Now consciously we may not be aware of this, but unconsciously your subconscious mind is absorbing everything it encounters.

The information that it takes in will become the programming that it will follow when reacting or responding to the world.

Now this pre-programming can be both useful and less than useful. You may or may not be getting what you want in life right now because of the programming that’s been done earlier in your life. These may be from impressions given by parents and relatives, reactions to life events, TV programs watched, books read – the list goes on – all these are a part of the impressions that your subconscious mind feeds on.

You might even subconsciously hate money on some level without consciously knowing it and even though you ‘seem’ to be working hard to generate a certain level of income it seems to elude you, or even when you get it you seem to lose it just as quickly. You fail to recognise how you are subconsciously sabotaging the acts you perform. The subconscious mind is an amusing vehicle, it is not limited to money, it can help or sabotage relationships, your health, your body weight and even your over all well being.

So what can you do about it?

Reprogramming the subconscious mind with the power of Sir Richard Branson

Reprogramming the subconscious mind so that it acts in accordance with what you want is actually easier than it sounds. The subconscious responds mostly to metaphors, symbolic imagery, and indirect commands. One thing that you must always remember is the mind thinks in the form of images; it could never think in words. Even the words that you think of come in the form of images in your mind.

Richard Branson and the power of the subconscious mind

Richard Branson and the power of the subconscious mind [Image credit: wikipedia]

So visualization in itself is an excellent way to reprogram the subconscious mind.

The most creative act for a business person or entrepreneur is to see a problem or obstacle and instantly turn it into an opportunity.

This in itself is not just words. It can simply be taking a step back and having another look, ‘looking’ for the opportunity, looking for the blessing this situation has brought your way. You may not recognise it at first but just keep looking for the blessing and you’ll find it. To help according to Geoff Hoff there are a few questions you can ask whenever you are confronted by an obstacle that can help reprogram yourself for turning it into a ‘Branson’ moment:

  1. This isn’t working, how can I make it work for me?
  2. Now that I can figure out how to make it work for me, how can I make it work for others?
  3. Now that I know how I can make it work for others, how can I turn it into a business?

Asking those questions, or ones like it, will get your subconscious mind churning so it can give you all its lovely inspiration.

Branson is often thought of as a bit of a contrarian. He loves to shake up the “old-school” businesses. He often talks about how all his businesses (he has over 400 of them) started with his frustration at how things were done and conviction that they can be done differently and better.

So here can you get the sense of visualising how you can do it better?

So what frustrates you?

What are you going to do about what frustrates you?

I say, go build a company.

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind and finding ways to reprogram it for your own interpretations of success can be the foundation that will not just transform one life but many.

It’s fun, it’s not too difficult and you’re never too old.

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How to increase mind power with exercise the Will Smith way

How to increase mind power with exercise

How to increase mind power with exercise the Will Smith way [Image credit: wikipedia]

When it comes to success mindset training there are ways that will show you how to increase mind powerwith regular exercise. Recent research has shown that physical exercise can and will make a marked difference to your personal mind power. Will Smith is one exponent of this approach that improves memory and other thinking skills.

According Kathleen Doheny of WebMD Medical News the latest research had this to show.

How to increase mind power with exercise

Your brain isn’t a muscle, but as you age exercise can improve your memory and other thinking skills, a new study shows.

And the exercise doesn’t have to be as rigorous as a marathon, the research suggests.

In the new study, middle-aged men and women who cycled or did a stretching and coordination routine for two hours weekly for six months had improvements in memory and other thinking skills.

So note this is with only 2 hours per week!

Combining the two may provide even better results, says researcher Kirsten Hotting, PhD, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Hamburg, Germany. “I would guess that combining different forms of exercise might enhance their beneficial effects,” she tells WebMD.

The study is published in Health Psychology.

Exercise and Memory: Research Details

In late adulthood, experts say, a region of the brain involved in memory, the hippocampus, shrinks.

Previous research has found that this region had grown a year after older adults began to exercise. That growth was accompanied by improved memory.

So as you get older the hippocampus shrinks naturally, but grows when you regularly do exercise.

For the new study, Hotting wanted to focus on middle-aged adults. She evaluated 68 inactive men and women ages 40 to 56. She assigned them to the stretching program or the cycling program.

She added a group of 18 non-active people as a comparison group.

“The stretching/coordination training started with a short warm-up phase, followed by stretching and strengthening of the major muscles of the whole body,” she says. “Coordination exercises were balance exercises, complex movements of arms and legs, and so on. The training ended with some relaxation exercises.”

It’s interesting to note the structure that it ends with some relaxation exercises…

The cyclists were told to exercise at their target heart rate (as determined by the fitness test) for about 45 minutes, Hotting says. They ended with a cool-down.

Before and after the study, Hotting’s team measured memory and other thinking skills.

Exercise and Memory: Results

The cycling group improved their heart fitness by 15%. The stretching and inactive groups did not have noticeable changes in their fitness.

But both the cycling and the stretching groups did better on the memory test of learning a list of items than the inactive group.

The increase in this test score was linked with an increase in fitness.

The cycling group improved more than the others in the recognition test. It tests long-term retention of learned material.

One surprise finding: The stretching group actually improved more in a test of attention than did the cycling group. In a paper and pencil test, they had to find and mark certain letters quickly.

Exercise and Memory: Improved Blood Flow

The study findings echo previous research, says Scott Small, MD, the Herbert Irving professor of neurology at Columbia University. He reviewed the findings but was not involved in the German study.

Other studies have also found that an increase in fitness is linked with selective improvements in memory, he tells WebMD.

In his own research, Small has found that inactive people who become physically active can increase blood flow to the brain. They then score better on memory tests.

So it appears that the increased blood flow created through exercise has quite an impact on the functioning of the brain and the use of the mind. Will Smith testifies very much to the same end, but he also warns of that ‘little voice’ that pops up in your mind from time to time. He also suggests working on strength training and that this training is a training for life not just for getting fit.

Will Smith and Strength Training

Replace running by strength training. You know that voice Will Smith talks about. It’s the voice in your head that tells you:

  • Don’t go to the gym, it’s too cold
  • Don’t get out of bed at 4am to workout, it’s too early
  • Don’t go for that one more rep to get all 5 reps, it’s too hard

There was a time when I did that, I let a voice in my head tell me what to do (laziness, excuses…). And I realised that did not only happen with workouts.

So as I was analyzing those things in life/workouts I get the conclusion that easy is almost always the “bad” choice.

I see a very strong connection between workouts and how you run your life. I can tell about someones character by training with him.

Become successful in strength training and you’ll become successful in business, career, finance, anything. And the other way around. Because you will have learned that persistence is key to success.

“Learn how to not quit when things get hard in your life”. Strength training pushes your limits. It teaches you life is hard. Your mind will get stronger as your body gets stronger. It takes time, but it will happen.

I feel the advice here, especially when combined with the medical research highlights that there is more than one factor involved in how to improve mind power with exercise, especially strength exercise.

I for one have re-joined a 24 hour gym. I’m putting this strength training to the test. As age naturally increases, life gets busy, excuses get in the way of a regular routine at home. It’s always a case of whatever works for you, exercise at home is fine for many and less so for others.

But don’t believe a word I say. Try it out for yourself. See how it improves your mind power. And when you’re ready for the next level let me know.

Here’s a way you can help…

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Success mindset training with a drug – yes or no

English: Looking east at ABC News headquarters...

Success mindset training with a drug – Provigil – ABC investigate it’s effects. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being aware and mindful of your mindset can make a difference in all areas of your life. Success mindset training and positive mindset training is a markable difference between those that succeed in what they choose to and those that do not.

But what if you could simply pop a pill to do the same thing, would you do it?

Apparently there is a drug called Provigil that is giving everyday people a sharper more focused mind and bags of energy. Many of the users of this drug report greater levels of performance and success, but are drugs a real way forward?

Success mindset training and behaviors supposedly with Provigil

Watch this surprising ABC news report:

They are all around us, a secret society of the successful. They say what gives them an advantage, though, isn’t just purposefulness or perseverance but a little secret weapon, a pill called Provigil.

So what type of people are using this drug?

There is the lobbyist, who wakes up at 5 a.m. to complete two full workouts before heading to work.

“I could not do this without Provigil. You know, it just wouldn’t be the same,” she told ABC News, asking that ABC News not identify her. “It’s amazing. … I just don’t get … why more people don’t know about it.”

John Withers, a computer programmer, can write code for 12 hours at a time.

“It helps you focus up for exceptionally long periods of time,” he said.

And then there is the brain researcher who can find connections no one else is seeing. She asked that we not name her.

“It’s just a clear day,” she said. “The fog isn’t there.”


Is provigil addicting? (Photo credit: JTony)

Provigil is originally approved as medication only for narcolepsy, sleep apnea or…

for people who work irregular hours, but hidden among those who take it are pockets of healthy Americans taking it just to boost energy and enhance focus. It excites the mind so much that Provigil has been nicknamed “Viagra for the brain.”

Prescription sales for this class of drugs has increased by 73 percent in four years, from $832,687,000 in 2007 to $1,440,160,000 in 2011, according to IMS Health.

Online there are hundreds of sites evangelizing for Provigil that explain how to get a doctor to write a prescription or how to get the drug without one.

Now I don’t know about you but this popping of pills for performance is alarming. I understand the use of natural herbs and healthy living for better performance but I’m always on the fence when it comes to synthetically created drugs.

It makes you wonder if provigil is addictive.

Dave Asprey, a successful executive of a billion-dollar Internet security firm who often starts his day at 4:45 a.m. by popping a pill.

“[It] can be the difference between I’m just making it through the day to I had the best day of my life,” Asprey told ABC News.

Asprey says he once flew 20 hours to Australia with almost no sleep, got off the plane, took Provigil and delivered a series of speeches that were so good they made the local papers.

As a kind of an experiment ABC News asked Asprey to stop taking the drug for three days. Off the drug, he said he felt off.

“I’ve noticed that my speech is very slightly altered,” he said.

After three days, Asprey popped a Provigil and he says it took only 17 minutes for him to snap back. He said the world suddenly seemed brighter.

This does sound rather addictive. But to be fair when we have a mindset success routine in place and then for a few days we drop it I can testify to the same effects.

Doctors warn that you are really rolling the dice with this drug. There have been no long-term studies of Provigil and its effects on healthy brains have never been studied. Doctors also warn that possible side effects include sleep deprivation and potentially lethal rashes and worse.

Provigil is a wake-promoting agent, but doctors admit they don’t really know how it works.

“Provigil is not a substitute for sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause and worsen heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure,” said Dr. Joanne Getsy, chief of the Sleep Medicine Section at the Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia.

Now this is all hypothesis and up in the air and it is not unusual for drugs to have some kind of side effect over time. It is understandable that users can become addicted to the effects provigil seems to allow them to access.

But what would you choose? A pop a pill drug that you have little control over other than swallowing or access to a success mindset training routine that you have full control over.

In this fast paced world popping a pill may be appealing, but is a drug free right attitude with the right mindset training a whole lot better. One could shorten your life, the other has been proven to extend it.

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How to increase mind power with exercise

Success mindset training with Will Smith

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 08:  (L-R) Actor Ja...

Success mindset training with Will Smith (L-R) Actor Jaden Smith, singer Willow Smith, actors Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett Smith. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

What are you willing to die for? Will Smith shares his wisdom on a success mindset. There is no doubt that Will Smith is successful in his chosen career path(s).

He say himself that he is not necessarily talented but one thing for him is he has a relentless work ethic. While the other guy is chilling out and sleeping Will is still working on his craft.

Success mindset training with Will Smith

Mindset training is a daily practice there’s never a time when you can say, “Whoo, I’ve made it, time for a long break.” It’s very much the same as having a good meal.

Now you can enjoy the food while you eat it. You can relish in how fantastic it is and then in how fantastic it was. But just because you have had a cracking meal it does not mean that you no longer need to eat. You’d whither away and perish if you did.

Food for the mind and soul is a daily practice. It doesn’t need to be arduous, it can be fun, it can put a smile on your face and those around you but note it has to be done on a daily basis at least.

So let me ask you a question: Who is the most accomplished person you personally know?

What distinguishes them from every one else you know?

Can you identify any of the elements that Will Smith mentions in the video above in their behaviour?

If you can note them down in a journal. Reflect on them daily. See how you can start applying them in your life now.

Success mindset training leaves tracks. It can be learned. Keep your eyes open – inspiration is always in front of you, even in the smallest of things when you go looking for it.

No matter how many times I watch this video I always get something extra out of it, how about you?

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Stephen Covey may of passed away but he has inspired millions

English: Stephen Covey at the FMI Show, Palest...

English: Stephen Covey passed away but his work lives on (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is said that a man that follows his passion and then teaches and shares it with the world for everyone’s benefit is a man that lives fully.

One such man is Stephen Covey of ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘ fame. His work, passion and his ethics of learn, teach and learn even more through teaching has inspired and made a difference in millions of lives around the world.

Dorothy Pomerantz of Forbes had this to say:

Author Stephen Covey, the man behind the “Highly Effective” empire, passed away today. He was 79.

Covey, who studied business at the University of Utah and Harvard, published his best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,  in 1989. His “habits” included being proactive, beginning with an end in mind and putting first things first. The seemingly simple steps were embraced by business people around the word who still flock to seminars to hear speakers pontificate on the habits.

I follow Dorothy’s sentiments on ‘pontificate’ but I think it has been alot more than that. Millions have put these 7 habits into practice and experienced highly successful and beneficial results.

In 2004, Covey came up with a 8th habit which allowed him to publish a whole new book. Overall his books have sold 20 million copies in 38 languages, according to Covey’s website.

Over the years, Covey became about much more than just selling books. We estimate that since 1989, his ideas have spawned an empire that has generated $1.4 billion over 23 years.

Most of the money was earned by Franklin Covey, a public company. In 1997 Covey merged with Franklin Quest, which had been best known for organizers and planners, to form Franklin Covey. About three years ago the company divested the planner division to focus solely on seminars and consulting.

The Utah-based company has 590 employees and last year brought in $161 million. Businesses around the globe sign up for Franklin Covey’s seminars about trust, leadership and customer loyalty. In the down economy the business is going strong as executives search for any education that will give them advantages. 2011 revenues were up for the second year in a row and the stock is doing fine, trading at $10 per share, close to a 52-week high.

The $1.4 billion doesn’t represent what Covey was worth when he passed away. A spokesperson for his family pointed out that Franklin Covey is worth $170 million and Covey only owned about 7% of the company which would make his share worth $12 million.

But it’s a statement about the industry that Covey’s work spawned that will likely continue well after his death.

It’s interesting that money is a measurement used in this news report in the wake of Mr Covey’s death. His life obviously had inspired an industry of bringing these life changing teachings to a worldwide audience, and I agree that this service has grossed big money over the years. It’s sad that the money is what is focused upon rather than the impact the work has had on so many lives.

I’ve saw Covey at a seminar in Calgary, Canada in 2010. Was he inspiring? I’d say he was more than that. He lived and breathed a way of being, a way of communicating and a way of overcoming differences of opinion in a way that couldn’t help but touch and inspire the hearts in the room including my own.

Who knows what impact such deliveries have? Who knows what the awareness he brought to a room had on the lives of the people present and the people that were met by the participants that applied what was shared.

The value this work has brought to the world is difficult to measure, and as Dorothy reports fairly large monetary figures lets say it must have stretched quite far and wide.

For me Mr Covey will not be remembered by the $1.4 billion of the Franklin Covey corporation but by the life he breathed and shared. And I for one feel very blessed that I had the good fortune to meet him and listen to what he had to share.



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