Tony – To What Lengths Do You Go For Your Kids?

Tate Donovan stars in this George Clooney-produced film about recovering a child’s lost teddy bear.

We all go the extra mile for our kids.. This short movie sponsored by Liberty Mutual just says it all.

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Volcano’s – Do your tragedies have a funny side?


It’s all over the news (mainly in the UK) the effects of this Icelandic Volcano. Some see it as a tragedy.. but some see it as an opportunity to see a lighter side of life and find an opportunity to smile and laugh.

I don’t know about you but my life seems to be littered each week with things that appear to be tragedies on the surface.. Like some Volcano stuffing up my flights to Tenerife.. for a bit of sun on my shiny old head.. And guess what I got sunburn at West Park instead. (What am I focusing on?)

But can a fresh look, an alternative perspective see a much lighter side.. even a happier side to dealing with seeming tragedies and problems?


I’m going to take this task on myself this week to have a fresh look at any tragedies and problems that arise in my life and look for the lighter side rather than focusing on the black smoldering clouds. Why not extend my skill levels beyond that of moaning, and whinging.

“Whatever you focus on.. you get more of.”

They say a smile and laughing can cure most ill’s, so why not put it to the test. Why not focus on the lighter side more often than not and see what you draw to yourself.. What do you want more of?… Mind-numbing problems and fear.. or.. Clarity, Growth and Laughter?

That Scottish guy in the background is so amusing.. I just love it.

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Funny – Would you do this on the beach?

Some creative commercials on TV are so amusing..


Don’t know about you but this has given me a new perspective on having fun on the beach..!

Have you found any hilarious videos.. let me know..

How To Not Get Smacked By A Cricket Bat When You Communicate?

Have you ever found that when you’re trying to get a point across.. it appears that you’re talking in some strange language, even foreign language that no one seems to understand.


I heard a beautiful definition of communication recently:

“All communication is the response you get, not what you think you are actually saying.”

This has really started to open up my eyes and ears..

Many a time I’ve fell into the trap of thinking that some people are just a bit dense when they can’t understand what I’m saying, …they get completely the wrong end of the stick.

But now it’s dawning on me (a light bulb moment) that it’s me that’s a bit dense.. Dense in my own self absorbtion, living in a bubble, blind to what’s in front of me.. not aware or awake to the responses I’m really getting.. Too busy focusing on what I’m saying than being aware of the response I’m getting.. and yes I’ve many a time had that cricket bat wrapped around my head.

How about you.. do you get so absorbed in what you’re saying at times.. absorbed obliviously in what you want and where you want a communication to go.. without being aware of how your words are affecting the person in front of you?

“If you don’t get the response you’re looking for, change the way you’re trying to say it.”

It’s starting to become clearer to me as I bear this in mind that it’s not the other persons responsibility to figure it out, it’s up to me to modify what I’m trying to say to fit the person I’m saying it to.

Ask the question, “what is it like to be in their shoes.. not yours..”

For me it would be damn crippling if they wear a size 5..

Try it for a laugh, I’m finding it’s making communicating much more fun and interesting..

But every now and then, when I miss the mark I’m learning to duck just that bit quicker.. 🙂

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Evolution of Dance – Dancing Comedy


This is the most hilarious video I’ve seen for a long while… And I used to do some of these crazy dances back in the day, but I didn’t think it was for getting a laugh at the time.

So it’s made me think… being passionate about what you’re doing is complete enjoyment both for you and all those around you.

So like the guy in the video, if what you’re doing re-ignites the passion into your life don’t stop it just because it looks or sometimes feels silly… you never know what difference you living your passion can make not just for you in your life but can add great value for many others around the world.

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