Millionaire Mindset for Property and Real Estate

Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset for real estate agents (Photo credit: MyLifeStory)


When people speak of having millionaire mindset with a little bit of delving property seems to be involved along the way.

What about if you are a real estate agent, can you still be a millionaire if you have the right mindset? According to Richard Fournier the answer is a resounding ‘YES’. So how do you get the Millionaire Mindset for real estate?

The Millionaire Mindset for Real Estate Agents

 “The Millionaire Mindset for Real Estate Agents: Master the Real Estate Business & Explode Sales” by Richard Fournier sets out to help frustrated and demoralized real estate agents discover their potential and follow their passion to excel in the always dynamic and changing real estate business.

So Fournier has written a ground breaking book at a time when real estate agents desperately need all the help they can get.

In “The Millionaire Mindset for Real Estate Agents,” Fournier details the rut real estate agents can get into and tackles some myths about the industry that serve only to put limits on success. He explores how desire can fuel success, once those mundane mental barriers are toppled. Once real estate agents develop the Millionaire Mindset, life without limits beckons. What is so different about the way super achievers think? How do they do it? And can you join their ranks and become a mega success in real estate too? Not without shaking off some old habits and learning some new mental tricks!

So do you think getting to the heart of the way super achievers think will leave a track of what needs adjusting?

Estate Agents

Estate Agents and Real Estate agents with the right mindset can step up to the next level and beyond (Photo credit: gusset)

Make a Plan to Make a Million

No one really blunders into becoming a top real estate agent. As the saying goes, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Fournier shows how to craft your unique blueprint for success, but he’s not talking only about financial success. In “The Millionaire Mindset for Real Estate Agents,” Fournier takes a more holistic look at developing a solid blueprint for spiritual health as well as monetary success.

As Fournier rightly says, “This book is not just about making money. It’s about changing the way you think, the way you plan and set goals. It shows readers how to aim higher to go beyond average to become a real success in real estate and in life.”

Fournier shows and shares that it’s far more than just about money, there are elements and foundations for living an amazing life in all areas other than just financial.

As a real estate agent, as in most professions, most people simply plot along but really want more. If you want more enough to change, Fournier can show you how to make the changes to your mindset and develop the strategies of super achievers to live without limits and enjoy that shining success of your dreams in real life.

Although this book is entitled for real estate agents, this book is a masterful insight for any profession, and any life.

Richard D. Fournier is a top-producing real estate agent, Founder of Richard Fournier International, and co-founder of the Fournier Hughes Real Estate Team and Back Pocket Agent Inc., as well as a devoted family man and mentor to many professionals with a passion for success.

So if you want to explore, understand and learn how to apply the millionaire mindset for real estate agents Fournier’s book is a good place to start. You can check out more details online here.

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Richard Branson and the power of the subconscious mind

The power of the subconscious mind and Richard Branson

The power of the subconscious mind and Richard Branson [Image credit: wikipedia]

Positive and success mindset training has a track record of transforming lives but would you like to tap into the power of the subconscious mind so that it unlocks the same functionality as Richard Branson?

So why would anyone want to unlock the same powers as Richard Branson? Well lets look as some of his achievements:

  • He started Virgin Records because no one else would put out Mike Oldfield’s Tubular bells album
  • He expanded his number of Virgin Record Stores from 1 to 20 because he couldn’t pay a large tax bill.
  • He discovered and recorded the music of the Sex Pistols and many others.
  • Created Virgin Airlines on the spot because his flight home with his girlfriend was cancelled.
  • He chartered a 50 seat jet, got $35 from each of the displaced passengers and took them to their vacation in the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands!
  • He is about to launch Virgin Galactic – the first commercial craft to take passengers into space.
  • He hobnobs with rock stars and presidents and lends his name, money and time to charitable causes.
  • He supports causes such as animal rights, fighting AIDS, education, peace and human rights.
  • He is the epitomy of a creative business man that turns problems into opportunities.

So where do we start? It might be helpful if first we qualify what we mean by the subconscious mind.

The power of the subconscious mind

According to Ken Wu:

The prefix ‘sub’ simply means beneath or hidden below and when it is combined with the word conscious, it literally means beneath consciousness. It is a state where you do not have immediate access to under a normal circumstances. The subconscious mind was actually a ‘term’ in the studies of psychology which first theorized by the famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud. He strongly believed that there was a part of mind below our conscious threshold.

The subconscious mind controls every aspect of our lives; belief system, personality and behavior. Through extensive of studies, Freud found out that most of our natural thought processes were deeply rooted there.

Presentation Mindmap: Networked Consciousness

Networked Consciousness and the subconscious mind (Photo credit: inju)

So this is the place where how you act and think is already ‘predetermined’. Sometimes it is called the secondary mind.

So to further qualify that place in your mind where you observe, hear and see thoughts – this is your conscious mind. The sub-conscious is below that.

It’s almost like a canvas that is being painted upon, it absorbs everything that we encounter. It stores them in its own store house system – a memory centre that never forgets anything ever!

How surprising is that, when in our conscious mind we ‘appear’ to forget many things, especially your keys.

So how does the subconscious communicate…

The subconscious takes in information from the world and communicates it to the conscious mind (which mean the YOU right now) through intuitions, impressions or gut feeling – that kind or weird feeling you have inside your stomach or any part of your body.

For example, have you been in that space where you knew that the person you just met will somehow become your friend or even business partner?

Your subconscious mind is actually absorbing the subtle things about them; voice inflection, body movements, deep feelings and metaphorical communication that the conscious might fail to pick up. Some people call that ‘Attraction’ and I totally agree with that because the mind is always attracted to the ‘same-minded mind’.

This attraction is an attraction of something that vibrates at the same or a similar frequency, and as the [highlight color=”yellow”]mind vibrates with the energy of images [/highlight]and thoughts these generate a certain frequency, a certain energetic vibration. Now consciously we may not be aware of this, but unconsciously your subconscious mind is absorbing everything it encounters.

The information that it takes in will become the programming that it will follow when reacting or responding to the world.

Now this pre-programming can be both useful and less than useful. You may or may not be getting what you want in life right now because of the programming that’s been done earlier in your life. These may be from impressions given by parents and relatives, reactions to life events, TV programs watched, books read – the list goes on – all these are a part of the impressions that your subconscious mind feeds on.

You might even subconsciously hate money on some level without consciously knowing it and even though you ‘seem’ to be working hard to generate a certain level of income it seems to elude you, or even when you get it you seem to lose it just as quickly. You fail to recognise how you are subconsciously sabotaging the acts you perform. The subconscious mind is an amusing vehicle, it is not limited to money, it can help or sabotage relationships, your health, your body weight and even your over all well being.

So what can you do about it?

Reprogramming the subconscious mind with the power of Sir Richard Branson

Reprogramming the subconscious mind so that it acts in accordance with what you want is actually easier than it sounds. The subconscious responds mostly to metaphors, symbolic imagery, and indirect commands. One thing that you must always remember is the mind thinks in the form of images; it could never think in words. Even the words that you think of come in the form of images in your mind.

Richard Branson and the power of the subconscious mind

Richard Branson and the power of the subconscious mind [Image credit: wikipedia]

So visualization in itself is an excellent way to reprogram the subconscious mind.

The most creative act for a business person or entrepreneur is to see a problem or obstacle and instantly turn it into an opportunity.

This in itself is not just words. It can simply be taking a step back and having another look, ‘looking’ for the opportunity, looking for the blessing this situation has brought your way. You may not recognise it at first but just keep looking for the blessing and you’ll find it. To help according to Geoff Hoff there are a few questions you can ask whenever you are confronted by an obstacle that can help reprogram yourself for turning it into a ‘Branson’ moment:

  1. This isn’t working, how can I make it work for me?
  2. Now that I can figure out how to make it work for me, how can I make it work for others?
  3. Now that I know how I can make it work for others, how can I turn it into a business?

Asking those questions, or ones like it, will get your subconscious mind churning so it can give you all its lovely inspiration.

Branson is often thought of as a bit of a contrarian. He loves to shake up the “old-school” businesses. He often talks about how all his businesses (he has over 400 of them) started with his frustration at how things were done and conviction that they can be done differently and better.

So here can you get the sense of visualising how you can do it better?

So what frustrates you?

What are you going to do about what frustrates you?

I say, go build a company.

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind and finding ways to reprogram it for your own interpretations of success can be the foundation that will not just transform one life but many.

It’s fun, it’s not too difficult and you’re never too old.

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Richard Branson at the National Achievers Congress

Get a front row seat and see Richard in London on July 2nd


Richard’s got such a clear and simple view of doing business it’s quite an inspiration. I’ve dug in and read a few of his books, I’ve even took a plane to see him in Canada in 2009 live.

Strangely enough I must admit he’s quite an inspiration just to listen to, and his insightful, hype-free genuine insights on business are gems to hear, digest and apply.

Listening to a man that believes he can do whatever he puts his mind to with the help of the right people has a certain energy to it. It’s an uplifting energy.

Believing you can do and achieve whatever you want is quite freeing, especially from those taunts of doubt.

And being free is a wonderful feeling for action to arise from. Whether you’re in business or not I would recommend just being in the same room as Richard when you get the chance, you’ll take away far more than some business insights.

For me it’s impacted the way I bring up my kids let alone do business.

I’ve heard it whispered on the grape vine that you can see Richard in London on or around the 2nd of July (I found the info with more details here).

So: “What if the world was your oyster, and you believed you could do whatever you put your mind to.. could you make an impact to positively effect the lives of others..?”

Personally I think this is an ideal opportunity to see and meet Richard in London… no plane flights for me this time around. There’s even a chance of having drinks and a meal with him, if you choose to.

Just to experience the type of energy this man has about him is an instruction in itself.

There’s more details of location, times and a choice of options here.

Let me know what you think.. if you do choose to go let me know… we could meet up for lunch.

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What are you driven by – Can you decide?

Do you know how to make a real decision?.. or do you just dip your toe in half expecting to fail..?

What do you choose to be your motivating feeling and emotion?

Is it one to make you move forward.. or one to make you shrink back?

The power of the questions you ask yourself.. whether you want to focus on the negative less inspiring aspects.. or the positive moving forward and growing aspects.. the choice always lies with you, no matter what circumstances arise.

Who is right: the man who thinks he can.. or the man who thinks he can’t?

They are both right. They have both chosen what they think.. and what they think will direct and dictate their behaviours and actions.

How do you want to condition yourself.. Do you want to condition your repetition muscle to put you in a more consistent peak state.. moving you towards getting what you want more freely?..

Or do you want to be conditioned for more of the same old same old..?

Your peak state can inspire and motivate those around you, let alone yourself. It’s wonderful having choices. It’s wonderful being alive. It’s wonderful to connect and live with inspiration.

So the question isn’t “Can you decide..?”.. you can always do that.. you’re doing it every minute of the day.. you’re even doing it right now.

The question is “what will you decide”.. What state are you going to allow to rule you?

Motivated or Inspired – What’s the difference?

Do you try to motivate people at work.. motivate your family.. your kids.. your friends..?

What a difference it would make to inspire them.. How do you inspire those around you..?

Do you try to motivate for selfish reasons.. or do you inspire for the good of all of you..?

It’s quite a subtle difference at first glance.. But what a world of difference it is in practice.

Watch out for it during this week.. see what the difference is between motivating and inspiring..

..and watch out for the difference both in response and inside your heart.

It’s always good to take a breather.. stand back and take a fresh look once again.

I’d love to simply inspire my kids.. but motivate them is more of what I do, so it’s going to be fun considering inspiration.

Isn’t just looking words up in a dictionary a wonderful little exercise for seeing anew!