Unconditional Love – Have you lost a loved one?

Have you got a sense of loss? Have you lost a close family member and it still hurts?

Have you questioned what has happened? Have you questioned the wisdom of your thoughts?

Byron Katie starts an interesting journey with a young lady whose father died at a young age.

This video is a wonderful opening into the Works of Byron Katie and how 4 questions can transform your pain and hurt.

You can find out more about ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie by visiting here.

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Motivated or Inspired – What’s the difference?

Do you try to motivate people at work.. motivate your family.. your kids.. your friends..?

What a difference it would make to inspire them.. How do you inspire those around you..?

Do you try to motivate for selfish reasons.. or do you inspire for the good of all of you..?

It’s quite a subtle difference at first glance.. But what a world of difference it is in practice.

Watch out for it during this week.. see what the difference is between motivating and inspiring..

..and watch out for the difference both in response and inside your heart.

It’s always good to take a breather.. stand back and take a fresh look once again.

I’d love to simply inspire my kids.. but motivate them is more of what I do, so it’s going to be fun considering inspiration.

Isn’t just looking words up in a dictionary a wonderful little exercise for seeing anew!

Tony – To What Lengths Do You Go For Your Kids?

Tate Donovan stars in this George Clooney-produced film about recovering a child’s lost teddy bear.

We all go the extra mile for our kids.. This short movie sponsored by Liberty Mutual just says it all.

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Is it Love that tells you You Can?

They say Love conquers all.. This story of Dick Hoyt and his son Rick Hoyt is so moving, is so inspiring that it makes all moans and groans about the challenges in life seem small and insignificant in comparison.

When a family can believe in the limitlessness of what they can do and accomplish and won’t accept anyone telling them they can’t.. honestly brings a tear to my eye.

Dick’s love for his son, and his heart felt belief in “I can”, “You can”, “We can”.. shows that with that deep heart felt love you can achieve, be and do whatever you believe you can.

For most of us, having a son diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and then.. being told by so called professionals and doctors “he’s going to be a vegetable the rest of his life.. you’d be better putting him in an institution”, would be enough to defeat and beat the crap out of us. But Dick’s love and a willingness not to be ‘confined by conventional thinking’, but believing in a bigger and better future, made him take action towards a better life for his son and his family. He didn’t just wish it, he didn’t just fantasize about it he believed in it with such conviction he was driven to action.

I’m sure many of us would choose to focus on the limitations and see them as an insurmountable burden, problem and pain.. and use it as an excuse and a crutch for not doing things.. as an excuse not do what would make a difference in our lives and those around us.. and more especially for our children.

What you focus on you get more of..

If ever there was an example of not listening to or focusing on the words “ I can’t ” this is it. Focusing on his son having a normal life, has made his son experience quite an exceptional life.

As a father myself this story makes me reflect on what I actually do with and for my kids and what limitations I choose to put in the way (whether consciously or unconsciously), and how selfish some of these are from time to time.

I am so thankful for being a father and having the opportunity to share in the lives of my beautiful children.

I am so thankful for coming across this inspiring story of Dick and Rick, a father’s love for his son.

I am thankful for spending a week in the sun talking to an inspiring father who does more for his kids than most people I know.

If you want to know more about Dick and Rick you can visit their website here: http://www.teamhoyt.com

Or you can watch more of the Youtube vid’s above. And if you have a bigger vision for your life and your families lives you can make it a reality if you start to believe ‘You can‘.

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The pain of changing yourself – Nido Qubein


Nido Qubein talks about change being an opportunity.

Does all change come from within? Does all improvement come from some form of change?

Do you hold yourself back through some form of fear on one level or another?

Why does change have to be a scary thing?

Life changes every day.. our body cells change daily and weekly.. but we still hold on with a fear of the unknown..

A fear of believing in our frailties and inadequacies.

What you focus on you get more of. So focusing on negative elements only brings more of the same.

Isn’t it about time that we all focused on our own greatness, and share it with the world.

What is it you’re depriving the world of by being gripped by self-shrinking fear.

There’s a wonderfully simple process for discovering and uncovering your own greatness. For believing in and nourishing it. We all have goals and things we would love to have in our lives, but deprive ourselves of them through doubt and fear.

It has been said a daring few take the step forward. I think we are all the daring few once we take just one step.

You are a success once you take the first step towards a worthwhile goal.

And at the minute my next goal is lunch.. so I’m going to be taking the first step towards the kitchen. 🙂