Trying Fresh New Ways – Steve Nash


Do you feel you waste your time?

Do you try different things and fresh new methods?

Steve Nash (the basket ball player) has an approach to life and sport where he does not just stay where he’s at. He try’s new things, stretches himself, keeps everything fresh and takes full responsibility for doing that.

He’s competing with himself to improve himself and his game of life.

Once you stay in your own comfort zone does life start to become duller? Does the spark and the aliveness you once had everyday start to die?

Is the stretching yourself the re-awakening and reliving that curious happy child in yourself.. that wide-eyed child that has a great sense of wonder and interest at all that life presents?

I know I may be walking and talking, but sometimes something inside me is asleep.. That wide-eyed awakefulness has died.. The great love of life has died..

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Are you in need of getting that spark back into your life?

I know that if I can do it.. you can too.

If you’re interested to see Steve Nash’s approach in action and how it relates to his world of practice you can watch one of his training sessions here. Even if you’re not into basketball or sport there is a lot in this video where you can draw inspiration on becoming the best you in all aspects of life.

What do you work on?

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Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

Do you wish life was easier.. the challenges in life were easier..?

WASHINGTON - JUNE 16:  U.S. first lady Michell...
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If you grew in skills, strengths and capabilities would life’s challenges seem easier?

You can’t change what life throws at you but you can change how you respond to it and deal with it. Are you willing to get better at dealing with life’s challenges.. with a more positive decisive and creative view point.. rather than feeling crushed and weak..?

You have the power within you as we all do.. All you’ve got to do is let your own light shine..

How do you do that..? And can it be fun..?

Why not try this: come to your senses first!.. You know like the saying goes: “Oyy, you.. Snap out of it, come to your senses”.

Have a little fun and just: Feel your feet on the floor connecting with the planet.. feel the gentle touch of clothes against your skin.. the playful brush of air against your skin.. the caress of air as it passes your nostrils and lips.. Be aware of the subtlety of taste.. the aroma of smell.. be aware of the vibrance of colour and form.. and allow the vastness of listening to be wide and free.. What a wonder is available to you now.

Just enjoy being present.. allow fuller connection with your senses as they are, without comment or judgment.. Allow your attention to shift from the chatter in your mind to connect with the wonders of your senses (touch.. taste.. smell.. sight.. sound..)..

Experiment, have some fun, try it.. whenever you remember during the day.. Pause for a few seconds.. come to your senses, enjoy one or more of your senses.. be awake.. be aware.. be alive..

Don’t wish it were easier.. wish you were better..

The growing subtleties of your senses can open up a complete new world to you.. a whole new world of clarity.. a whole new world of easier solutions.. a whole new world of less stress and strain..

Try it for a week.. see what you find.

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Volcano’s – Do your tragedies have a funny side?


It’s all over the news (mainly in the UK) the effects of this Icelandic Volcano. Some see it as a tragedy.. but some see it as an opportunity to see a lighter side of life and find an opportunity to smile and laugh.

I don’t know about you but my life seems to be littered each week with things that appear to be tragedies on the surface.. Like some Volcano stuffing up my flights to Tenerife.. for a bit of sun on my shiny old head.. And guess what I got sunburn at West Park instead. (What am I focusing on?)

But can a fresh look, an alternative perspective see a much lighter side.. even a happier side to dealing with seeming tragedies and problems?


I’m going to take this task on myself this week to have a fresh look at any tragedies and problems that arise in my life and look for the lighter side rather than focusing on the black smoldering clouds. Why not extend my skill levels beyond that of moaning, and whinging.

“Whatever you focus on.. you get more of.”

They say a smile and laughing can cure most ill’s, so why not put it to the test. Why not focus on the lighter side more often than not and see what you draw to yourself.. What do you want more of?… Mind-numbing problems and fear.. or.. Clarity, Growth and Laughter?

That Scottish guy in the background is so amusing.. I just love it.

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Interview with Will Smith – Being Who You Choose To Be


This is a short clip from the Tavis Smiley show in 2007, where Will Smith shares his view about being who you choose to be.

Choosing what you want to be and what you want in life.

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Interview with Will Smith – Ellen 2008


This is a passionate, fun and inspiring interview with Will Smith on the Ellen show in 2008.

This is Will sharing his thirst for knowledge in everything he does, to be the best he can be in all things he does and the passion and values he lives by.