Evolution of Dance – Dancing Comedy


This is the most hilarious video I’ve seen for a long while… And I used to do some of these crazy dances back in the day, but I didn’t think it was for getting a laugh at the time.

So it’s made me think… being passionate about what you’re doing is complete enjoyment both for you and all those around you.

So like the guy in the video, if what you’re doing re-ignites the passion into your life don’t stop it just because it looks or sometimes feels silly… you never know what difference you living your passion can make not just for you in your life but can add great value for many others around the world.

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Are You Truly “ENGAGED” With Life

Here a very remarkable guy, Sean Stephenson, gives his definition of being truly engaged.


To find out more about Sean Stephenson or EngagedToday2009 just click on the highlighted name.

I recommend having a little look.

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Creating An Award-Winning Company Culture – that thrives

Vishen Lakhiani reveals some of his highly successful business practices that have helped create his Award-Winning Company Culture. It’s nothing like I’ve come across before, I don’t know about you? Please be warned: he is amusing!


You can find out more about Vishen and his company here.